The day we treat ourselves nicely, we will understand how to nourish our body in a healthy and long lasting way.

The day we treat ourselves nicely, we will understand how to nourish our body in a healthy and long lasting way.

If you sense that your emotions, stress, and self-esteem are connected with the relationship you have with food, but don’t know how to change it, you are in the right place.

Perhaps you can identify yourself with one of these roles: entrepreneur, mom, working woman, boss, coordinator, wife. Maybe even all of them, which means that you play the Superwoman role. But despite being able to deal with everything, you realize that your relationship with food has been diminished for too long and there isn’t much you can do about it.

Let me tell you something…

Food is not the problem. The problem is the way you live with food, and the judgements and emotions underneath it which make you feel upset with yourself.

Along with judgements and stress, there is also anxiety, sadness, loneliness, or belief patterns that we learned when we were young and constantly limit ourselves when we interact with food. That is why diets don’t work for you. Because you are not working with the problem itself but instead you are patching it temporarily.

I can help you if you find yourself in one of these situations:

Stress and anxiety don’t allow yourself to live a healthy life.

You have tried too many diets, but you end up quitting and go back to the same old habits, believing that what you are lacking is will.

You think of eating in a non-friendly way too many times every day.

You go to food to get relief from your emotions (either by eating too much, not eating at all, or choosing unhealthy food).

You feel guilty, ashamed and frustrated when you have not been able to control yourself before food.

You are always lacking time for yourself, putting family, friends, and work first and before your well-being.

Every year you have the resolution to take care of yourself, but you never end up giving it the priority it deserves.

Being a mom, building your company, or another life event has made you disconnect from yourself and your life.

I also want to be honest with you and tell you that I won’t be able to help you if:

You are looking for a miracle (miracle diet, miracle change, miracle guru…).

Your only goal is to lose weight.

You want a fast and easy result.

You don’t have an open mind.

You can’t commit to find time for yourself and this process.

You don’t want to work with your emotions to discover where the blockage is.

My working approach revolves around the better understanding of our MIND, getting to know the role it plays in any process of change, and how the limiting and harmful beliefs can cancel any goal that we want to achieve. After understanding the mind, we work on EMOTIONS, trying to understand the role they play in order to know where our emotional eating comes from. Finally, we end the journey by learning to communicate with our BODY, the important messenger that we barely listen to.

Ready to end your war against food and start enjoying?

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